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وب‌ سایت: http://www.3zbamboo.com/bamboo-bookshelves/
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مهارتهای تخصصی: Dimension of bamboo desktop bookshelves:
TypeBamboo bookshelvesNameBamboo desktop bookshelves
BrandzhubangModel No.ZW1704010A
PackageCartonSize3 frames
FeatureNatural colorUsageIn living room, office and dormitory
Payment termL/C, T/TLead time40-55 days
ColorNatural color of bambooSample time7 days
Material100% bambooMOQ1000 PCS

Introduction of bamboo desktop bookshelves:
A superior quality beautifully designed bamboo desktop bookshelves with natural finishes, and practical design bookshelves which can extend to satisfy your organizing needs and spaces.
Bamboo desktop bookshelves are made using high quality, beautiful Chinese bamboo with natural finishes.
Our bamboo desktop bookshelves have been designed to make it extendable and retractable according to your needs and spaces.it is ideal for showcasing your favorite books. Students can easily view and access the books from a tabletop or shelf top.
Whether it is for your office, your desk, on your hall table, or next to your couch as a magazine rack, this nice bamboo desktop bookshelves will be a welcome addition to reduce unsightly clutter. Books or magazines can go in the sliding divider compartments, keys, paper and small essentials will go into the drawers and the top.
When your desk is clear, distractions are minimized. So clear not just your desk, but your mind. It’s all right there on the desk, in order to close hand.

Q:What about the leading time?
A:In general, the leading time is about 40 to 55 days. But please confirm the exact delivery time with us as different products and different order quantity will have different leading time. Thank you.
Q: How can we place order?
A: You can contact us before you place order by email about your order details
Q: Do you have competitive price than other supplier?
A: Absolutely. The same quality products we will do the best price.
Bamboo Bookshelves