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وب‌ سایت: http://www.cnsolidtyre.com/solid-rubber-tyre-for-road-machinery/solid-rubbe
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جنسیت: مرد
مدرک: دانشجو
رزومه: Wirtgen cold milling machine W100 solid tyre
Solid tire for Wirtgen cold milling machine W100R/W100RI/W120R/W120RI

Front wheel
620*230*455(with rim) 620*230*475(with no rim)

Rear wheel
620*255*455(with rim) 620*255*475(with no rim)

SMT Tire has been producing solid tires for over 20 years and was the first to design, manufacture, and distribute the unique aperture structure, soft-riding solid tire. Our production department has worked hard over the years to revolutionize the solid tire manufacturing process, eliminating the traditional problems seen in other industrial tires. Because of this, SMT Tire is still the leading manufacturer of industry specific, OTR tires. With a wide range of sizes and patterns, we can provide for all your solid tire needs.
Here at SMT Tire, we are more than just a tire manufacturer. It is our goal to help you better manage your tire program through a system of measurements, rotation recommendations, and replacement forecasting, saving you time and money. Our team has the training and experience necessary, along with the technology to ensure that you are receiving the best products and services.
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