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Do you have stories that you learned from the planning of the expansion you can share
John Hight: I was an avid player which is why for me among my fellow players, it was confirmation because I've been playing for some time and I can remember someone telling me, "Yeah, have you played the video game Burning Crusade?" It was me thinking, "Yeah, that's WoW, that's what I'm playing right now." "Oh this game looks like it's off the rails." It's similar to "Well you ought to come to play with me."

So it was cool to think that WoW could do that and not just take little step-by-steps to keep its community alive and then take a large, bold step to another world. It was a question that you asked: how has that affected the world? Every time we do an expansion, we're something like "Yeah there's got to be one huge World of Warcraft , got to feature new features, got to have some wild zones. There's gotta be something that no one expected to see in this." And it came from Burning Crusade that started all of that.

Do you have stories that you learned from the planning of the expansion you can share that might surprise people?

Brian Birmingham: It was astonishing to observe that the staff was able to work. It was growing rapidly. As I mentioned that I was one the first employees and saw how quickly we were trying to staff up and run the business at a high speed. It was inspiring to see the talent and excellence of these people working together.

This is a great opportunity to look back and see how the team has grown now, of course, and supporting Modern and Classic and Classic, to be able to see how collaborative and how great collaboration everyone has displayed across the entire team. Not just those who have devoted themselves to working on WoW Classic, but the people on all of World of Warcraft who have been supportive and have contributed to making sure this has been an excellent release has been really inspiring and something that I truly appreciate. It's one of the most enjoyable teams to work for, and I can't imagine being anywhere else.

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