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وب‌ سایت: https://www.spiderbc.com/executive-office-for-rent-in-dubai/
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نام و نام خانوادگی: Spider Business Center
جنسیت: مرد
محل سکونت: Dubai, UAE
مدرک: دانشجو
مهارتهای تخصصی: Spider Business Center is one of the top ranked business center in Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road opposite world trade center. which offer premium quality, fully-furnished Services office Space for rent at an affordable price. No lengthy contracts. These flexible office spaces are equipped with High-speed internet coverage, phone connection, fax and printing facilities which allows operations to run smoothly. We also grant access to Meeting rooms, conference halls, training rooms for interviews, presentations and sales pitches. For more information, call us at +971 (0) 43827700.
شماره تلفن تماس: 97143827700