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مهارتهای تخصصی: Potato chips production line is also known as the potato chips processing line, or simple potato chips line. It involves a complete set of machinery to produce well-loved crispy potato chips from fresh potatoes. To obtain good quality potato chips, each process and each machine in the potato chips making line should work flawlessly. There are two kinds of potato chips production lines, fully automatic potato chip processing lines and small-scale ones. The automatic ones are suitable for potato chip manufacturing with large production capacity, while the small ones are for small businesses with small capacity.

A biscuit production line consists of a variety of machines and devices that are used for biscuit-making machines. Some of these machines include a biscuit cutting machine, a conveyor belt, and a biscuit packing machine. The first thing to do is to cut the dough into small pieces. After that, the dough pieces are placed on the conveyor belt. Then the conveyor belt carries the biscuits from one machine to another. In the end, the filled biscuits are collected and packed in boxes. Finally, the boxes are ready to be shipped out to customers.

Extrusion snack food production line uses potato starch, corn starch, and wheat powder as raw materials, by the technology of unique extrusion, to make various shapes of twice puffed snack food. Extrusion processing play the important role in food processing for the manufacturing of pasta, textured vegetable protein (TVP), ready-to-eat products such as snacks produced from cereals, in which baby foods, breakfast cereals, dietary fiber, pet foods, cereal-based modified starch and traditional products. Extrusion technology is a food processing operation that is carried out by a combination of different operations such as mixing, shaping, kneading, forming and cooking.